Rails Camp Sydney 2015

I want to write down my thoughts on the last Rails Camp that I went to. So here goes.

The Camp

The camp was in Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River, Sydney. It was an awesome location. Very scenic with beaches and plenty of trails to hike on. But this being Sydney in the middle of winter it was cold at night (duh).

The food was absolutely amazing for a camp. The slow cooked beef served on Sunday night was the highlight of the camp :P

The only problem I had with the location is that it has no cellphone reception near the camp. I had to walk for a 40mins or so to get some reception. And that too with no 3G. But hey, it's a camp and I can't really complain.


There was none! (well actually this is not true). Rails Camps are so called 'un-conferences'. So there were no schedules or organised talks. It was mostly unstructured and it was fun! Also there were more JS talks than Rails/Ruby ones ;)


The crowd was very diverse. There were folks from all over Australia and beyond. And I think this is awesome. I met a lot of inspirational folks. Beginners, intermediates and ninjas :) I think the RailsCamp attract a really awesome crowd, people who are really enthusiastic about tech and what they are doing.

My Experience

In short I had a really good time! I really enjoyed interacting with other devs and getting to know people in general. I mostly hanged out with a bunch of folks who were really nice folks and awesome programmers.

Also I met @laktek on my way to the camp. It was nice catching up with him after a long time. And I was lucky to sample some really nice custard puffs and beef rendang! :P

I spent most of my time talking about how others developed and deployed their software. It was interesting listening to all the different variations of 'agile methods' teams were using. And also how different deployment pipelines were being used at different companies. I also attended a few tech talks that I felt was interesting. However, no talks were as interesting as the conversations I had with other deves, one to one. All in all I learned a ton of things in those few days.

When I was not talking about software or eating(!) I was busy playing boardgames. I am pretty new to boardgames and it was interesting to learn and play some of the games involving deception. Coup was my favourite.


Rails camp is awesome! The best thing about it is the people. And YOU should join the next camp!