Starting off with Ghost

So I finally brought in to the Dighital Ocean hype and brought a server at 5 USD/month (thats cheap!). And now that I have a server sitting idel, what do I do with it? Setup a VPN server of course! But once I finished with that I wanted to try out Ghost. The latest blogging platform running on node.js.

Setting it up was a breez although, I did hit a few road blocks along the way. I set it up with nginx, everyone's favorite web server. I was then asked to sign up for an admin account, which I did. And I was ready to go!

My initial impression is very positive to say the least. I specially like the simple markdown editor with a preview panel just next to it. It's a good start. Let's see how it goes from here on. Next up in the list is to try editing a blog post from my iPhone. If that goes well, I might actually start blogging again! :)