Things to do after you buy a new gaming laptop

Please note that I am not a gamer(!!!). This is from the POV of a some what casual gamer who likes to game SOME of the time.

  • Choose a good OS: I chose Windows 8.1 Pro because this machine’s main purpose was gaming. Might end up installing Ubuntu on the side so I can use this for development on the side. But that’s a big ‘might’.
  • Decide on how to partition the disk(s). In my case I decided to have one big partition on my 250 SSD.
  • Install Anti theft software. I installed Pray.
  • Get the latest drivers in general.
  • Update your graphics card drivers (duh!). Actually do a bit of research on the games you want to play and the current drivers. In my case a particular game I wanted to play didn’t work well with the latest drivers (so I should have gone with something older that worked fine with the game in question).
  • Update SSD drivers: Mine came with a Samsung 840 Evo. So I downloaded and installed Samsung Magician. Which takes care of a lot of things. Including updating your SSD firmware if need be.
  • If you are using a SSD, make sure you have TRIM turned on.

That’s all that I can think up for now. Gonna add on to this post in the future if anything comes up.